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Type: Full Time

Location: Hulburt Airfield - FL 505th

Reports To: ARMADA HQ

Security Clearance Required:  Active Top Secret / SCI


Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provide classification management and data transfers of all course materials.
  • Process students for temporary STO access, as necessary.
  • Perform access verification and badging/escort duties, as required, for all course attendees.
  • Instruction will include, as a minimum:
    • Personnel Security
    • Physical Security
    • Information Security
    • Information Systems Security
    • Inspections
    • Initial and Recurring Security Education
    • Security Manning
    • PDAS Operations
  • Instruct lessons in security through formal lecture and practical exercises, and may be called upon to augment mobile training teams.
  • Monitor reproduction equipment and provide guidance to all personnel on the proper procedures for reproducing classified documents.
  • Provide guidance on proper procedures for the destruction of classified information.
  • Prepare and forward, as appropriate, visit notifications/certifications for assigned military, government civilian, and contractor personnel performing temporary duty at locations off station; and monitor similar visit notifications/ certifications for visiting military, civilian and contractor personnel.
  • Conduct pre-screening interviews in accordance with DoD, Joint Staff, and Air Force policy guidance for all personnel nominated for STO, CW, AF SAP and/or IJSTO-CAB access.
  • Perform daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual Communication Security (COMSEC) duties in accordance with applicable policy directives and established local procedures, as appropriate.
  • Availability to provide security support during exercises/events; this support is in addition to the normal workday.Security support during these exercises/events may entail extended shifts and/or weekend work.

Required Skills (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities) 

  • Experience in developing and maintaining comprehensive SOPs and OIs outlining the security policies and guidance for conducting STO, CW, AF SAP, SCI and collateral classified activities.
  • Experience in developing and maintaining comprehensive continuity books identifying points of contact, outlining guidance and procedures, and providing specific examples for executing the following security mission areas, as applicable:information security, personnel security, physical security, information systems security, COMSEC, OPSEC, industrial security, foreign disclosure, SATE, and systems administration.
  • Ability to assist unit members and visitors in the proper classification and marking of all STO, CW, AF SAP, SCI and collateral information produced within the wing.
  • Ability to serve as custodian for security related records and safes used for the storage of classified material up to and including STO, CW, AF SAP, and SCI documents, as well as those protected by the Privacy Act of 1974.
  • Knowledge of JPAS/JCAVS system to complete electronic in-processing as owning agency for military and civilian personnel and servicing agency for contractor personnel.
  • Ability to update and maintain collateral, SCI, STO, CW and AF SAP security education and training programs designed and tailored to the various wing missions, as applicable.



TS/SCI required


Certification Requirements

  • Must obtain certification as a formal instructor through attendance in a 505 CCW-sponsored Academic Instruction Course.


Years of Experience/Education Requirements

  • Bachelors degree in related Technical Education and Training field preferred. Five (5) years relevant courseware development and academic instruction experience with a degree or seven (7) years relevant experience in lieu of a degree.

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